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About Us

Historical Background

1845 - Synthesis of Fremy's Salt (1st long-lived free Radical)

Prof. Edmond Frémy (1814-1894) - Paris

1886 - Isolation of Fluorine - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1906)

Prof. Henri Moissan (1852-1907) - Paris

1961 - "The Principles of Nuclear Magnetism" (NMR Bible)

Prof. Anatole Abragam (1914-2011) - CEA (Saclay, France)

1970 - Magnetism - Nobel Prize in Physics (1970)

Prof. Louis Néel (1904-2000) - CEA (Grenoble, France)

- Creation of the Scientific Polygon in Grenoble (1956): CENG, ILL, ESRF, etc...

- Creation of a Physical Organic Chemistry laboratory (COP)

   by 2 young chemists from ENS (Paris):

        * Prof. Didier Gagnaire (1930-2014) - CEA (Grenoble)

          Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) - Carbohydrates

          Founder of CERMAV (1966)

        * Prof. André Rassat (1932-2005) - CEA (Grenoble)

          Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) - Nitroxides

1972 - "Spin-labeled-induced Nuclear Relaxation" (Biochemistry)

Prof. Harden McConnell (1927-2014) - Stanford (USA)

1990 - Isolation of T1e intra in good agreement with Abragam's Theory of NMR

Dr. Francis Cinget (Ph.D. Thesis) - CEA (Grenoble)

Double Spin Labeling in the D-Glucose Series: Perturbation of the Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time in 13C and 19F NMR by a Nitroxide Radical: Probe for Intramolecular Distances.

1995 - "Spin-labeled Carbohydrates: Past, Present and Future" (RIKEN Review)

Dr. Francis Cinget & Prof. Tomoya Ogawa - RIKEN (Wako, Japan)

1996 - "SAR by NMR" (Science)

Prof. Stephen Fesik - Abbott (USA)

1997 - NMR-based Fragment-based Drug Design (Start in Japan)

Dr. Francis Cinget - Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals (Osaka, Japan)

1995~ NMR-based Conformational Analysis of Bio-active Oligosaccharides

1997~ NMR-based Fragment-based Drug Design (FBDD)

2000 - "Spin Label Enhanced NMR Screening" (2nd Subsite)

Dr. Wolfgang Jahnke - Novartis (Basel, Switzerland)

2002 - "19F NMR-based Screening" (Competition Binding)

Dr. Claudio Dalvit - Nerviano Medical Sciences (Milano, Italy)

2011 - FDA Approval of Vemurafenib (1st FB Therapeutic with Mw < 500 Da)

B-Raf (Plexxikon / Roche)

2016 - FDA Approval of Venetoclax (1st FB Therapeutic with Mw < 1 kDa)

Selective Bcl-2 (AbbVie)

About Us

Our Founder (Dr. Francis Cinget) - Over 40 years Dedicated to Sciences

1976~ started Laboratory Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Reims - France)

1983~ started NMR (Prof. M. L. Martin - Nantes, France / Co-founder of Eurofins Scientific)

1986~ started Carbohydrates (Prof. Jacques Gelas - Clermont-Ferrand, France)

1995~ started NMR-based Drug Design (Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals - Osaka, Japan)

2006~ started New Scientific Platform (SynphaTec Japon Co., Ltd. - Osaka, Japan)

2016~ started New Package Combining Key Disruptive Innovations (FBT3D)

Our Missions

NMR-based Fragment-based Theranostic Design, Discovery and Development (FBT3D)

Explore, develop and apply our robust NMR-based FBT3D package to tackle key therapeutic targets of interest and help our customers to discover new drugs more efficiently. In parallel to this, our efforts are continuously directed towards the improvement of personalized medicine.


Bridging Smart R&D Services Worldwide

Build-up a multi-disciplinary portfolio of services based on external expertise and know-how to complement our internal scientific background, expertise and know-how.


Create, develop and optimize synergies between disruptive internal and external innovations (science, technology, expertise and know-how) to support our customers in a unique manner.


Design, set-up and launch new R&D projects to strenghten scientific collaborations between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the global field of Life Sciences.

Our Customers

Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare                   Research Institutes & University Laboratories

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies                Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical Companies

Agrochemical & Chemical Companies                CRDMOs & Trading Companies