Historical Background

1845 - Synthesis of Fremy's Salt (first long-lived free Radical)

Prof. Edmond Frémy (1814-1894) - Paris (France)

1886 - Synthesis of Isoglucosamine - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1902)

Prof. Hermann Emil Louis Fischer (1852-1919) - Munich / Erlangen / Wuerzburg / Berlin (Germany)

1886 - Isolation of Fluorine - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1906)

Prof. Henri Moissan (1852-1907) - Paris (France)


Prof. Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898-1988) - New York (USA)


Prof. Felix Bloch (1905-1983) - Stanford / Berkeley (USA)

Prof. Edward Mills Purcell (1912-1997) - Cambridge (USA)

1961 - "The Principles of Nuclear Magnetism" (NMR Bible)

Prof. Anatole Abragam (1914-2011) - CEA Saclay (France)

1970 - Magnetism - Nobel Prize in Physics (1970)

Prof. Louis Néel (1904-2000) - CEA Grenoble (France)

- Creation of the Scientific Polygon in Grenoble (1956): CENG, ILL, ESRF, etc...

- Creation of a Physical Organic Chemistry laboratory (COP) by 2 young chemists from ENS Paris (France):

     * Prof. Didier Gagnaire (1930-2014) - CEA Grenoble (France) / Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) - Carbohydrates Founder of CERMAV (1966)

     * Prof. André Rassat (1932-2005) - CEA Grenoble (France) / Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) - Nitroxides

1972 - "Spin-label-induced Nuclear Relaxation" (Biochemistry)

Prof. Harden McConnell (1927-2014) - Stanford (USA)

1990 - first MeasurementS of "T1e intra" in good agreement with Abragam's Theory of NMR

Dr. Francis Cinget (Ph.D. Thesis) - CEA Grenoble (France) / Double Spin Labeling in the D-Glucose Series:

Perturbation of the Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time in 13C and 19F NMR by a Nitroxide Radical - Probe for Intramolecular Distances

1995 - "Spin-labeled Carbohydrates: Past, Present and Future" (RIKEN Review)

Dr. Francis Cinget & Prof. Tomoya Ogawa - RIKEN (Wako, Japan)

1996 - "SAR by NMR" (Science)

Prof. Stephen Fesik - Abbott (USA)

1997 - NMR-based Fragment-based Drug Design (Start in Japan)

Dr. Francis Cinget - Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals (Osaka, Japan)

1995~ NMR-based Conformational Analysis of Bio-active Oligosaccharides

1997~ NMR-based Fragment-based Drug Design (FBDD)

2000 - "Spin Label Enhanced NMR Screening" (2nd Subsite)

Dr. Wolfgang Jahnke - Novartis (Basel, Switzerland)

2002 - "19F NMR-based Screening" (Competition Binding)

Dr. Claudio Dalvit - Nerviano Medical Sciences (Milano, Italy)

2011 - First Fragment-based Therapeutic with Mw < 500 Da

FDA Approval of Vemurafenib / B-Raf (Plexxikon / Roche)

2016 - First Fragment-based Therapeutic with Mw < 1 kDa

FDA Approval of Venetoclax / Selective Bcl-2 (AbbVie)

About Us

Our Founder (Dr. Francis Cinget) - Over 40 years Dedicated to Sciences

1976~ started Laboratory Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Reims - France)

1982~ started Materials Sciences (Prof. Jean Rouxel - Nantes, France / Founder of IMN - 1988)

1983~ started NMR (Prof. Maryvonne L. Martin - Nantes, France / Co-founder of Eurofins Scientific - 1987)

1986~ started Carbohydrates (Prof. Jacques Gelas - Clermont-Ferrand, France)

1995~ started NMR-based Drug Design (Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals - Osaka, Japan)

2005~ founded Scientifically Driven Platform (SynphaTec Japon Co., Ltd. - Osaka, Japan)

Our Missions

Ultra-fast Fragment-based Theranostic Design, Discovery and Development (UF-FBT3D)


Explore, develop and apply our robust resonance-based strategies and new magic fragment collection to tackle key therapeutic targets of interest and help our customers to discover new drugs faster, at a lower cost and more efficiently. In parallel to this, our efforts are continuously directed towards the development of personalized medicine.


Bridging Smart R&D Services Worldwide


Build-up a multi-disciplinary portfolio of products and services based on external expertise and know-how to complement our internal scientific background, expertise and know-how.


Create, develop, optimize and harmonize synergies between disruptive internal and external innovations (science, technology, expertise and know-how) to support our customers in a unique manner.


Design, set-up and launch new R&D projects to strengthen scientific collaborations between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, especially in the global fields of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences.

Our Customers

Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare / Hospitals / Research Institutes / University Laboratories / CRDMOs / Trading Companies / Global Companies:

Pharmaceutical / Medical / Nutraceutical /  Cosmeceutical / Veterinary / Agrochemical / Chemical

Biotech / Medtech / Chemtech / Materials / Electronic / Energy / Environment