A subtle balance between complementary internal and external Science, Technology, Expertise and Know-how allows us to continuously build-up a strong Catalogue of Products and Portfolio of Services, and consequently to offer smart, speedy and cost-efficient Customized Solutions to launch and support your R&D or Manufacturing Projects in a unique manner, especially in the fields of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences.


Unique Compound Libraries
Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Compounds

Take advantage of our continuously growing Catalogue of Products containing NEW reference standards, analogues, fragments, scaffolds, fluorinated reagents, spin-labeled carbohydrates and other compounds to boost your R&D or Manufacturing projects further.


Smart Research & Development Services
International Research & Development

Take advantage of our continuously growing Portfolio of Services containing NEW Science, Technology, Expertise and Know-how to boost your key Life Sciences or Materials Sciences projects further.



Best R&D Collaborations
Cost-efficient R&D Products & Services

Take advantage of our continuously growing Network of Partners and Customers allowing us to build-up Cost-efficient NEW Customized Solutions to boost your key Scientific projects or Business Development efforts further.



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Latest Scientific News & Events

We are happy to share the latest information about our Products & Services, or Conferences & Exhibitions, as well as Pipeline & Projects.


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Frequently Asked questions

We are happy to answer frequent questions from our Japanese Customers and Foreign Partners, as well as Human Resources.



Scientific Pioneers & Experts
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We are happy to receive applications from highly skilled and motivated Scientific Experts & Pioneers, as well as Business Developers.