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Theranostic Development Services

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) / New Molecular Entities (NMEs)

Reference Compounds / Metabolites / Impurities / Natural Products / Peptides

Carbohydrates / Glycoconjugates / Organic Contrast Agents

Cores / Scaffolds / Intermediates / Specialties


* Organic Synthesis & Medicinal Chemistry

* Carbohydrate Chemistry & FBT3D

* Laboratory & Kilo-lab Scale-up

* Process R&D / Optimization

* Technology Transfer

* Product Catalogue

- Do you need to create a complex molecule   within a short time?

- Do you need robust, safe, cost-effective,

  reproducible and up-scalable processes for   your intermediate or final compound?

- Do you need multi-Kg batches?

SynphaBase knows perfectly about chemistry inside out and can quickly adapt its outstanding knowledge in this field to fulfill your needs and make your projects successful.

Delivering Expertise & Innovation in Catalysis


* Catalyzed Reactions


* Complex Chemical Processes

Rapid Catalyst Screening
CatScI Ltd - United Kingdom
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Rapid Reaction Development
CatScI Ltd - United Kingdom
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API Impurities

Isolation and structural identification of API impurities by LC-NMR (500 MHz)

In preparation...

Toxicity prediction of API impurities in human (in silico ~ in vivo methods)

In preparation...

API Solid States

Study of API polymorphs (DLS, DSC, XRD, NMR, NR)

In preparation...


In preparation...