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Theranostic Development Services

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) / New Molecular Entities (NMEs)

Reference Compounds / Metabolites / Impurities / Natural Products / Peptides

Carbohydrates / Glycoconjugates / Organic Contrast Agents

Cores / Scaffolds / Intermediates / Specialties


* Organic Synthesis & Medicinal Chemistry

* Carbohydrate Chemistry & FBT3D

* Laboratory & Kilo-lab Scale-up

* Process R&D / Optimization

* Technology Transfer

* Product Catalogue

- Do you need to create a complex molecule   within a short time?

- Do you need robust, safe, cost-effective,

  reproducible and up-scalable processes for   your intermediate or final compound?

SynphaBase knows perfectly about chemistry inside out and can quickly adapt its outstanding knowledge in this field to fulfill your needs and make your projects successful.

Delivering Expertise & Innovation in Catalysis


* Catalyzed Reactions


* Complex Chemical Processes

Rapid Catalyst Screening
CatScI Ltd - United Kingdom
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Rapid Reaction Development
CatScI Ltd - United Kingdom
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API Impurities

Isolation and structural identification of API impurities by LC-NMR (500 MHz)

In preparation...

Toxicity prediction of API impurities in human (in silico ~ in vivo methods)

In preparation...

API Solid States

Study of API polymorphs (DLS, DSC, XRD, NMR, NR)

In preparation...


In preparation...

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