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Smart Consultancy Services

Science / Culture / International Business

Whatever the size of your organization, we are always eager to support our valued customers with a wide range of science-based international business services.


In order to bring state-of-the-art solutions to our customers, we are always eager to create new synergies between a wide range of scientific disciplines.


Those synergies are often optimized by a better understanding of each partner's and customer's cultural background.

International Business

Our strong scientific education and significant R&D experience in prestigious laboratories around the world, combined with a trusted understanding of related cultures, will facilitate your international business expansion in Japan (and Asia-Pacific).

Market Entry / Representative Office / Subsidiary

Whatever the size of your R&D laboratory, our customized collaboration will make you benefit from suitable advice in given situations to develop your international business further. 

Market Entry

If you are a European scientific SME, CRO or start-up, looking for your first customers in Japan (and Asia-Pacific), our customized collaboration will help you to prospect more efficiently at no extra cost.

Representative Office

If you are a European scientific SME, CRO or start-up, looking for a regular business presence in Japan (and Asia-Pacific), our customized collaboration will help you to expand your business based on your specific needs.


If you are a European scientific SME, CRO or start-up, thinking about the reinforcement of your presence in Japan (and Asia-Pacific), our customized collaboration will help you to set up and manage your new Japanese subsidiary cost-efficiently.