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Ultra-fast Fragment-based Theranostic Design Discovery & Development (UF-FBT3D)


The Synpha Library (SL) is specially designed to explore the active binding sites of your macromolecular targets by sampling the chemical space very finely (at the atomic level) and at a very early stage of your FBHG / FBL3D / FB4D / FBT3D campaigns* (scaffold optimization before scaffold-to-lead evolution).


Fragment-based Hit Generation (FBHG)

Fragment-based Lead Design Discovery & Development (FBL3D)

Fragment-based Drug Design Discovery & Development (FB4D)

Fragment-based Theranostic Design Discovery & Development (FBT3D)


In addition to supporting the next generation of modern Therapeutics, the Synpha Library is also designed to provide unique compounds as potentially novel Organic Contrast Agents for the support of advanced resonance imaging techniques* (NMRI / ESRI), thus leading to the next generation of Nitroxide-based Theranostics.


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (1H NMRI / 19F NMRI)

Electron Spin Resonance Imaging (ESRI)


The Synpha Engine (SE) is a de novo and iterative process which exploits the many advantages of the Synpha Library:

- Spin Label Embedded carbohydrate fragments designed to allow the screening in pools

- Highly soluble fragments available in both their diamagnetic and paramagnetic forms

- Scaffold series exhibiting high Fsp3 & FCC ratios around each carbohydrate core structure

- Fragment binding events detected by any biophysical methods (including 19F NMR)

- Binding events easily correlated for straightforward scaffold validation and optimization

- Screening of surrounding subsites by 1H NMR and/or 19F NMR with fluorinated fragments

- Monitoring of long distance interactions between binders (superior to standard NOEs/ILOEs)

- Understanding of relative orientation between binders for efficient scaffold-to-lead evolution

- Chemically 3D-tractable fragments for rapid lead optimization, scale-up, drug development


Scaffold Optimization before fragment extension (by growing, linking or merging) allows a deeper understanding of the basic requirements necessary for activityselectivity and safety by monitoring key binding interactions between fragments and macromolecular targets of interest, thus providing a substantial rate of robust and high quality starting points (submicromolar selective modulators) for successful scaffold-to-lead evolution campaigns.


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High-value-added Fine Chemistry & Robotic Platform

Exclusive Custom Libraries (upon request)

* Your Scaffolds

* Your Specifications


50,000+ Innovative LEAD-LIKE compounds for HTS activities (including 20+ thematic sets)


30+ Libraries (Diverse / Focused / Fragments)

GPCRs / CNS / NSAID / PDEs / Ion Channels / Kinases / Proteases

Antibiotics / Anticancer / Antiinflammatory / Peptidomimetics

DNA-RNA Intercalating / Nucleotide Interacting


Focused Library (Aza-indoles)

* 4-Aza-indoles (in stock)

* 7-Aza-indoles (in stock)

[purity > 90%]


Detailed information (upon request)


Cherry-picking (also available)

Delivery formats (plates, vials, tubes)

IP (semi-exclusivity or full exclusivity)

Diverse Library (Kinase Inhibitors) NEW !

* 500 compounds (20 mg in stock)

* 500 compounds (available mid-2015)

* 500 compounds (available mid-2015)

[purity > 98%]


Detailed information (CDA requested)

High-value-added Molecular Building Blocks

SpiroChem is developing a repertoire of NEW high-value-added building blocks to offer you the best choice for your Lead Optimization programs:


Oxetane/azetidine/thiooxetane-containing fragments

* Spirocyclic building blocks

* SF5-containing aromatics

* CF3-containing building blocks

Our lists of compounds are regularly updated and provided to our customers (upon request). 

Biochemical Compound Libraries

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants / Plant Natural Products / Plant Stem Cells

Phytochemicals / Secondary Metabolites / Bio-scaffolds / Bio-fragments

Alkaloids / Glycosides / Polyphenols / Terpenes

Coumarins & Furocoumarins

Dr. Romain Viguier (2013)
Herboreal Ltd - Scotland (UK)
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Custom Biosynthesis

In preparation...

Target Libraries

Chemical Synthesis

Custom R&D Services & Applications:

- Chemical Synthesis of Long Polypeptides

- Labeled Proteins for NMR-based FBDD

  (e.g. Nitroxide, 13C, 15N, 19F, 31P)

- Proteins for 3D Structure Determination

- Proteins for Glycosylation Strategies


cGMP Manufacturing for Clinical Trials:

- Complex Polypeptides and Proteins

- Vaccines

- Biosimilars

- Biobetters

- Formulation

in vivo Production

In preparation...

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Screening of Target-ligand Interactions - Platforms & Strategies

Custom Assay Development

High Throughput Screening / High Content Analysis

Fragment-based Screening