NMR-based QA/QC & IP Services

Characterization, Traceability and Authentication of Molecules

Universal finger-printing of API batches by isotopic quantitative NMR and IRMS

Traceability, authenticity and profiling of active ingredients and excipients 

Quality control of the supply chain from raw materials to final products

Intellectual property protection of manufacturing processes


Pharmaceuticals - Biotechnologicals - Diagnostics

Nutraceuticals - Foods - Beverages - Flavors

Cosmeceuticals - Cosmetics - Fragrances

Agrochemicals - Phytochemicals

Chemicals - Organic Materials





(when necessary, we can start by preparing a feasibility study on a few samples)

Position-Specific Isotope Analysis (PSIA) & New Applications


Isotope Profiling
2015 Int. Innovation (172) 132-134
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Internal referencing for 13C position-specific isotope analysis by NMR
2015 Anal. Chem. (87) 7550-7554
Adobe Acrobat Document 256.8 KB
Reference and normalization methods: essential tools for the intercomparison of NMR spectra
2014 J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. (93) 3-16
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB
Recent developments of NMR for isotope profiling
2014 Eur. Pharm. Rev. 19(3) 46-49
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB
Site-specific 13C content by quantitative isotopic 13C NMR: a pilot inter-laboratory study
2013 Anal. Chim. Acta (788) 108-113
Adobe Acrobat Document 385.9 KB
Performance evaluation of quantitative adiabatic 13C NMR pulse sequences for site-specific isotopic measurements
2010 Anal. Chem. (82) 5582-5590
Adobe Acrobat Document 523.4 KB
Accurate quantitative 13C NMR spectroscopy: repeatability over time of site-specific 13C isotope ratio determination
2007 Anal. Chem. (79) 8266-8269
Adobe Acrobat Document 69.3 KB
Strategy for specific isotope ratio determination by quantitative NMR on symmetrical molecules: application to Glycerol
2006 Tetrahedron Asym. (17) 1622-1624
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Medicines & APIs

A retro-biosynthetic approach to the prediction of biosynthetic pathways from position-specific isotope analysis as shown for Tramadol
2015 PNAS 112(27) 8296-8301
Adobe Acrobat Document 838.2 KB
NMR isotopic finger-printing: a tool for the manufacturer for tracking APIs from starting materials to final medicines
2013 Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. (48) 464-473
Adobe Acrobat Document 745.9 KB
Isotopic finger-printing of APIs by 13C NMR and polarization transfer techniques as a tool to fight against counterfeiting
2011 Talenta (85) 1909-1914
Adobe Acrobat Document 311.3 KB
Isotopic 13C NMR to assess counterfeiting of APIs: site-specific 13C content of Aspirin and Paracetamol
2009 J. Phar. Biomed. Anal. (50) 336-341
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Food & Beverage

Nonstatistical 13C distribution during carbon transfer from Glucose to Ethanol during fermentation is determined by the catabolic pathway exploited
2015 J. Biol. Chem. 290(7) 4118-4128
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Comparative study of 13C composition in Ethanol and bulk dry wine using isotope ratio monitoring by MS and NMR as an indicator of vine water status
2015 Bioanal. Chem. (407) 9053-9060
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Multi-element, multi-compound isotope profiling as a means to distinguish the geographical and varietal origin of fermented Cocoa beans
2015 Food Chem. (188) 576-582
Adobe Acrobat Document 570.1 KB
13C isotopomics of Triacylglycerols using NMR with polarization transfer techniques
2015 Anal. Methods (7) 4889-4891
Adobe Acrobat Document 272.4 KB
Position-specific isotope analysis of Xanthines: a 13C NMR method to determine the 13C intramolecular composition at natural abundance
2015 Anal. Chem. (87) 6600-6606
Adobe Acrobat Document 375.9 KB
Recent developments in isotopic NMR: traceability, authenticity and profiling in food products (invited lecture)
2014 FoodMR (Cesena - Italy)
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Improved characterization of the botanical origin of sugar by 13C SNIF-NMR applied to Ethanol
2010 J. Agr. Food Chem. (58) 11580-11585
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Environment & Pollution

Enhanced forensic discrimination of pollutants by position-specific isotope analysis using isotope ratio monitoring by 13C NMR spectrometry
2016 Talenta (147) 383-389
Adobe Acrobat Document 506.5 KB
Insights into mechanistic models for evaporation of organic liquids in the environment obtained by position-specific carbon isotope analysis
2015 Env. Sci. Tec. (49) 12782-12788
Adobe Acrobat Document 787.0 KB
Fractionation in position-specific isotope composition during vaporization of environmental pollutants measured with isotope ratio monitoring by 13C NMR
2015 Env. Poll. (205) 299-306
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Ultrafast Multi-Dimensional NMR (UF nD NMR) & New Applications


Fast hybrid multi-dimensional NMR methods based on ultrafast 2D NMR
2015 Magn. Res. Chem. (mini-review)
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
Suppression of radiation damping for high precision quantitative NMR
2015 J. Magn. Res. (259) 121-125
Adobe Acrobat Document 332.9 KB
Quantitative 2D liquid-state NMR
2014 Magn. Res. Chem. (52) 259-272
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.1 MB
Ultrafast 2D NMR: an emerging tool in analytical spectroscopy
2014 Annual Rev. Anal. Chem. (7) 129-161
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Metabolomics & biological mixtures

Absolute quantification of metabolites in Tomato fruit extracts by fast 2D NMR
2015 Metabolomics (11) 1231-1242
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.0 MB
Non-linear effects in quantitative 2D NMR of polysaccharides: pitfalls and how to avoid them
2015 J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. (108) 78-85
Adobe Acrobat Document 934.1 KB
Evaluation of fast 2D NMR for metabolomics
2014 Anal. Chem. (86) 5946-5954
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.7 MB
Fast determination of absolute metabolite concentrations by spatially encoded 2D NMR: application to breast cancer cell extracts
2012 Anal. Chem. (84) 10831-10837
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Real-time reaction monitoring & rapid screening

Ultrafast 2D NMR on a benchtop spectrometer: applications and perspectives
2016 Trends Anal. Chem. (xxx) xxx-xxx
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.9 MB
Real-time reaction monitoring by ultrafast 2D NMR on a benchtop spectrometer
2015 Analyst (140) 7854-7858
Adobe Acrobat Document 911.0 KB
In situ ultrafast 2D NMR spectroelectrochemistry for real-time monitoring of redox reactions
2015 Anal. Chem. (87) 372-375
Adobe Acrobat Document 731.3 KB
Ultrafast 2D NMR applied to the kinetic study of D-glucose mutarotation in aqueous solution
2011 J. Spectrosc. Dyn. (1) 2
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