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Latest News / Events

Latest News

[2018/07/01~05] European Magnetic Resonance Meeting EUROMAR (Nantes)

[2018/05/22] SynphaTec Japon celebrates its 12th Anniversary !..

We want to express our deepest thanks to our network of customers, partners, scientific pioneers, business experts, investors and supporting friends for making our dream comes true. Over the next decade, we will continue to develop our unique platform of R&D supports by bridging new smart scientific services to boost your key drug discovery and development projects always more efficiently and shortcut your global time to market.

Then, see you very soon and let's work together !


« Outstanding Performance Award »

Osaka Business Plan Competition (September 2006)


Dr. Junichi SEKI

(Mayor of Osaka, left)

congratulates 2 of the winners:


Dr. Francis CINGET (middle)


Mr. Yoshinobu TERADA (right)

[2018/04/01] Drug Discovery Through Zebrafish (NEW Portfolio of Services)

Our partnership with ZeClinics (Spain) allows us to support our valued customers efficiently with drug safety and efficacy, or mechanism of action as well as human disease models and custom R&D projects.

[2018/01/01]  Explore, Develop & Apply with SynphaBase AG (NEW Website)

* High Quality Custom Services & Products

* Robust, Safe & Cost-effective Processes

* Reproducible & Up-scalable Processes

* Carbohydrate Chemistry & FBT3D

[2017/06/15] Vagdevi InnoScience Pvt. Ltd. (NEW Chemistry CRO Services)

Fee For Services (FFS) & Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

Standard Quantities (mg ~ kg) / Scale-up Facility (~25 kg)


* Medicinal Chemistry & Synthetic Organic Chemistry

* Natural Products Synthesis & Custom Library Synthesis

* Specialty Starting Materials & Unusual Chemicals

* Process Chemistry & Scale-up Synthesis


[2017/05/30] Spinsolve 80 (NEW Benchtop 80 MHz NMR Spectrometer)

With the newest innovation in Spinsolve family, experience the most powerful benchtop NMR spectrometer and enjoy a superior sensitivity with the highest performance and quality standards (Magritek - Wellington, New Zealand):

Spinsolve 80 is capable of performing even the most advanced multi-nuclear methods with just a single click (e.g. COSY, DEPT, HSQC-ME, HMBC).

[2017/03/28] Spinsolve ULTRA (NEW Benchtop 60 MHz NMR Spectrometer)

The best resolution and lineshape of any benchtop NMR available today (Magritek - Wellington, New Zealand):

Enhanced resolution (50% < 0.2Hz) combined with solvent peak suppression methods expands the range of benchtop NMR applications to ones where sub-millimolar concentrations of substances can be quantified in the presence of neat protonated solvents.

[2016/12/07] "NMR-based Fragment-based Theranostic Discovery" (Seminar)

[2016/03/01] Spinsolve 60 (NEW Benchtop 60 MHz NMR Spectrometer)

The best high performance 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer (Magritek - Wellington, New Zealand):

Ideal for chemists in academia and industry where it can be used for reaction completion checks, identification, structure elucidation, quantification, purity measurements, online reaction monitoring and quality control (QA/QC).

[2016/02/01] 8th International Symposium on Isotopomers (Online Opening)


[2016/01/12] Ultra-fast Quantitative 2D NMR Techniques (NEW Articles)

Our exclusive partnership with SpectroMaitrise (France) allows us to introduce Prof. Gérald Remaud's recent articles and their applications in various scientific fields:

Analytical Chemistry - Analytical Methods

Biological Chemistry - Food Chemistry

Medicines - APIs - Biomarkers - Metabolomics

Real-time Reaction Monitoring - Environmental Pollution

[2015/12/01] Towards cGMP production of 20 Kg API batches (NEW Platform)

[2015/09/01] Chemical Synthesis of Long Peptides & Proteins (NEW Platform)

[2015/01/07] Japanese Market Authorization for Methylene Blue Injection

Provence Technologies Group
Press Release
METHYLENE BLUE (English).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 70.1 KB
Provence Technologies Group
Press Release
Adobe Acrobat Document 67.8 KB

[2014/04/01] Innovative Kinase Inhibitors (NEW Chemical Libraries)

Our partnership with Provence Technologies (France) and BCI Pharma (France) allows us to support our valued customers efficiently with 3 innovative collections containing a total of 1,500 kinase inhibitors.

[2014/03/01] Lead-like Collections (NEW Chemical Libraries)

Our partnership with Provence Technologies (France) and Chem-X-Infinity (France) allows us to support our valued customers efficiently with 30+ innovative collections containing a total of 50,000+ lead-like compounds.

[2014/01/01] High-value-added Fine Chemistry (NEW Platform)

Our partnership with Provence Technologies (France) and its partners will allow us to support our valued customers efficiently with innovative libraries and custom libraries.

Latest Events

[2018/10/19] 第6回 浜松毒性試験フォーラム (Hamamatsu Toxicology Study Forum)

[2018/10/10~12] BioJapan 2018 (Yokohama, Japan)

[2018/10/09] EU JP Bio Pharma 2018 (Osaka, Japan)

[2018/08/28~30] 37th JSCR Annual 2018 (Sendai, Japan)

[2018/07/26~27] JSPC Summer 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

[2018/06/27~29] In-Pharma Kanto 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

[2018/05/09~11] 2nd Agri World 2018 (Osaka, Japan)

[2018/04/18~20] CPhI iCSE BioPh 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

[2018/02/21~23] In-Pharma Kansai 2018 (Osaka, Japan)

[2017/12/08] JSPC Winter 2017 (Nagasaki, Japan)

[2016/12/06~07]  日仏 Innovation Year - Knowledge Capital (Osaka, Japan)

[2016/11/04] Zebrafish-based Drug Discovery 2016 (Gifu, Japan)

[2016/03/18~19] Aquatic Models Human Disease Toxicology (Okazaki, Japan)